About Us

Pet Sitting San Francisco, CA

We have been working in the San Francisco dog industry for years, starting our dog walking, pet sitting, and doggie daycare business out of our house and continuing that for over five years.  Wanting to expand our clientele, we set out to find the perfect spot to create a new home away from home for all of our furry friends.

Our new home was designed, built, and furnished with fun and comfort in mind, while still having a focus on cleanliness and safety.  We have all the proper permits from SF Health, Building, and Planning Departments, and we have used LEEDS products and finishes everywhere possible.

We have created a huge doggie heaven filled with stuff to explore and play with, making sure all of our guests at Mr. Muggles have a blast and stay entertained the entire time they are with us.

We know your dog’s needs.  Although we are a cage-free pet boarding and day care, we do have a limited number of homes in the back. Why?  Just for the quiet time that your furry friends might need if over-stimulated or really sleepy. We rotate dogs out to give them an hour or so of nap time to calm and collect themselves before hitting the play area again for another romp.  Also, when it becomes time for dinner/breakfast, the overnight group mostly likes to eat in private without being bugged by the entire group who might want to share their food.

We treat your dog like family when they come to us for pet sitting.

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