Doggie Daycare

San Francisco, CA

What does a day of doggie daycare consist of?

Our daycare dogs enjoy a day filled with fun in our 2000 sq. ft. indoor play area. We have put so much thought and time into trying to figure out what our residents would find the most enjoyable & fun. Pet sitting is different from overnight pet boarding, as they are staying in our pet play area for an allotted amount of time during the day, not overnight.

Do the dogs get to go outside at all?

Yes, we take dogs on 1-2 neighborhood group walks to catch some fresh air. Dog walking is an integral part of our pet sitting schedule. Our dogs are able to expend extra energy, which allows them to stay healthier and sleep better at night.

Half days available?

Yes, a half day of daycare is available anytime, 5 hours or less.

Do you separate the group by size?

We cater to small/medium sized dogs, currently accepting new guests 40-45lb and under. This is only because we have one large indoor playroom that they share, and we want to keep the room comfortable!


Doggie Day Care San Francisco, CA

Daycare now available Monday – Sunday

Half Day (5 hrs or less): $35 per day

Full Day (Single visit): $50 per day

10 Pack: $450 ($45 a visit*)

20 Pack: $760 ($38 a visit*)

Monthly Pack: $680
(Unlimited Daycare; valid for 1 month)

OVERNIGHTS: $83 per night (includes a free exit bath after 7 days)

*10 day and 20 day packages do not expire.

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