Dog Bathing & Grooming

San Francisco, CA

K9 Spa is located inside our building and handles all of our grooming services. When you’re looking for a kennel, it’s important to choose one that offers dog bathing. That’s why many customers in San Francisco, CA choose Mr. Muggles.

After walking, running, and playing all day, you dog may pick up a little dirt! K9 Spa cleans up pups with their delicate and thorough dog bathing services. They also provide boutique dog grooming services to keep your pooch prim and proper!

As you can see, we provide an all-encompassing pet sitting experience. Please contact K9 Spa at (415) 923-8889 for more information about their dog grooming and bathing services. Click here for their website.

Whether your pet is here for a day or a week, our K9 Spa makes them look and feel great!

Dog bathing and grooming should be a part of every pet boarding center’s policy. That’s why we make it a number one priority here at Mr. Muggles’ Dogs to offer superior dog grooming services. Your pup will feel so much better after a bath, a trim, and a nail clipping! We work with all kinds of breeds. Simply let the groomers know if you have any special requests for your pet, and they will accommodate.

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